QUILLING has a long history and many museums have examples of antique pieces; some of the old names are Paper Filigree and Rolled Paper Work which are very descriptive of the end results.
    QUILLING seems to have started as a form of decoration used by religious orders from around the 17th century to adorn reliquaries and other religious artefacts. It later became one of the gentile activities practised by girls and young ladies along with their embroidery, decoupage, etc. It was used to decorate many boxes and tea caddies as well as other decorative objects.
    All of the QUILLING techniques, such as Huskings, pegs, cones, fringed flowers and loose coils, that I use in my designs can be found in examples of Antique Quilling.
    The revival of interest in Quilling in the UK started about 40 years ago and is actively promoted by The Quilling Guild an organisation made up of quillers and quilling enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. I have been a member for many years and a local representative of the Quiing Guild for a number of those years promoting quilling in my area.


    I have been QUILLING for over 30 years having bought a kit at a craft fair. Before this I "dabbled" in lots of crafts but with QUILLING I have found the one that I keep returning to.

    I love to share what I do, so I teach, give talks, demonstrate at craft fairs and to clubs etc, give talks, and so on.

    With Quilling I create designs on Greetings Cards, make pictures, decorate boxes and paperweights, etc. working on the basis that if I can stick paper onto or put it in an object I will do this with QUILLING.
    I have also designed a Beginners Kit which includes all you need to learn quilling and to create cards with a number of simple designs.

    My designs are all original and are inspired by many things in the world around me, nature being one of the main sources - flowers, trees, birds and animals all give me ideas for QUILLING.
    Because all my designs are original, it is difficult to show all my designs here. I do attend craft fairs, etc in Essex and east London where my full range of work can be seen. for details of these please see below.
    If you are interested in a particular item please e mail me and I can put it to one side for a short period of time.

    I love to share my enthusiasm for Quilling and teach small groups whenever i get the opportunity. In the past I have run courses for Adult Eduction services and privately at craft centres. I very much hope to get further opportunites when circumstances allow in the future

All my designs are original and although an idea may be repeated it does not come out just as a copy of another design; I am constantly developing new ideas and improving my designs. Any pictures featured on here are available to purchase and can be seen "in the flesh" as it were at a Craft Fair. Feel free to contact me to check where I will be exhibiting next and that the picture you are interested in is still available.

Why I call myself (Mainly) Quilling

Some quillers do not believe in combining Quilling with other crafts.

I like to add the occassional tiny bits of decoration that are not made from paper/quilling if i feel that it will enhance my design.

I also dabble in a few other crafts which may make an appearance here if they complement my quilling! 

DATES for 2021

At present there are no Craft Fairs confirmed for the coming year with the uncertainty  surrounding the coming months .

I remain hopeful that we will be able to attend some fairs before too long and look forward to things returning to something near normal.



PEACOCK picture 

Size approx 6" x 6"

This picture has been worked in a Dutch Quilling Paper with colour-guilded edges giving the irridescent effect of the Peacock's tail 

Teddy Bear's garden

 A three dimensional picture - ideal for a nursery

Size approx. 9" x 6.5" 

Flower basket (pinks)

A lovely basket of flowers


Approx frame size 9" x 7" x 1.5" deep

Each spray of flowers is made seperately then arranged in the basket to complete the design.


A group of three sunflowers in a deep frame

Frame approx 6" x 6" x 1.5" 

Pearlised Flowers on a silver background. A card for any occasion.

The flowers on this card can be made to order in any colour.

Wedding or Anniversary Card approx size 6 x 8" Boxed

House-shaped frame decorated with miniature quilling Approx12" x 8"

Glass paperweights - approx 3" diameter filled with quilling in narrower paper

Christmas Tree card approx 8" x 6" quilled in shiny christmas colours

A heart full of flowers - a Valentine's card perhaps?

Heart full of flowers approx 6" x 8"

My Greetings Card designs are repeated but do come out slightly differently as I develop the design.

The range of designs is concstantly being expanded and changed.


The flowers on this card can be worked in a colour of your choice if made to order.

6" x 8" Greetings card for any occasion

A pretty card using Fringed Flowers and Open Coils to create a design around a heart-shaped aperture.

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